What lessons the arrival of spring can teach us about being in and enduring conflict

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Happy spring, everyone! Spring is one of my favourite seasons and as someone who tries to remain deeply connected to seasonal shifts and lessons, I put together a list of some of the lessons I believe the spring can teach us about being in and enduring conflict.

  1. What looks dead and bare can actually be in a process of rebirth and renewal – even when our situations looks bleak and it appears nothing is changing; things can, in fact, be changing. Time, courage and patience provide us with the abilities to learn, reflect, reorient and reassess.
  2. We cannot blossom before we root – rushing into repair before we even know what needs healing is often the result of responding from a place of fear and not accountability. We need to wholeheartedly discover and acknowledge  the root cause of an issue in order to discover what needs repair.
  3. Seed to sprout to flower – We cannot skip essential parts of the process if we want to remain on path. Setting goals, self reflection, vulnerability, humility are all necessary parts of the path to accountability and repair. You got to do the work to get the result.
  4. Change with the season keeps us balanced – be open to other ideas, other truths and other voices. Be open to doing things differently and changing perspective.
  5. The light brings with it strength and increased opportunity – stay solution focused to keep things moving. Don’t only focus on where you don’t agree. Find where you are in agreement.
  6. Spring is but one part of the cycle. Not everything can happen at once. Break the process down. What should happen now? What should happen later? Be compassionate with yourself and remember that boundaries and containment support longevity and sustainability.

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