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Trainings in Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution

The trainings I offer are meant to provide skill building and strengthening for groups who work together. They support confident leadership development and promote group harmony and sustainability at all organizational levels. Increase and improve your group’s communication and connection; cooperation and collaboration.

Book a training for your:

  • management team
  • human resources department
  • Board of Directors
  • employees
  • volunteers
  • participants
  • service users
  • committees
  • memberships
  • teachers/educators
  • facilitators/leaders

Conflict Mediation

For groups who are in conflict that feels too big to negotiate and resolve on their own, I offer mediation services that use alternative dispute resolution practices for various workplace conflict (employer, employee, client, stakeholder) and community conflict (members, partners, relationships)

Mediation is a great option when:

  • When all parties involved want to find a resolution to a new or ongoing conflict.
  • When harm has been caused and parties want to discuss repair, boundaries, and how to move forward.
  • When all parties involved know they need to part ways but need someone to support them through setting closing agreements and boundaries for moving forward.
  • When all parties involved know they need to part ways but because they perhaps share property, space, children, community, etc, they need a mediator to support them in negotiating closing agreements and boundaries for how they will move forward.
  • When all parties or a party need to have a difficult conversation and need someone to support them in having it and hearing it.

Coaching & Consulting

Conflict can be stressful, but it can also be an important moment for growth and learning. When you aren’t sure how to proceed with a conflict, a coach can help you strategize, process, and break it down so it feels more manageable. Examine specific issues through guided support, solution focused discussion and receive recommendations. These one on one or group sessions are for individuals, groups or people in leadership positions who feel stuck, out of their element, or unsure how to proceed with a conflict.

Whether it is creating or auditing policy; handling disputes or navigating complaints: my sessions support developing clarity, and confidence so you can take action. Our facilitated discussions, assessments, visioning and action planning help create substantial changes for the future of the group.

Coaching & Consulting sessions can be done in person or online.

Not sure when you can use a conflict coach? Here are some examples of when my conflict coaching and consulting can support you:

  • Navigating & responding to complaints
  • Creating policy & protocol that aligns with your group’s mission and values (harassment, bullying, conflict resolution)
  • Policy & protocol audits
  • Creating and mapping out strategy for resolution
  • Developing guidelines for contact and communication during disputes
  • Training & facilitation guides (retreats, trust building, conferences)
  • Facilitation and holding space for grievances and difficult conversation