Everyone has the ability to resolve conflict


I offer a comprehensive range of training, coaching and mediation services to community organizations and small businesses in Montreal, Ottawa, and the surrounding areas. My services are aimed to support and encourage personal and community development. I believe that everyone has the ability to resolve conflict, but sometimes just lack the helpful skills and confidence to do so. Learning these skills and acquiring this confidence can be transformational and are vital to the sustainability and longevity of our communities.

Preventative Approach

The best way to de-escalate a conflict is to prevent it from happening! My preventative approach encourages individuals and groups to plan for conflict and to learn the necessary skills and strategies in advance, so that you have the trust and confidence to confront conflict when it arises. Conflict cannot always be avoided, but it can be approached with intentionality.

Improved skills and performance

Teams who feel more connected to each other are more generous with each other; it’s that simple. Broken trust, tensions, and unvoiced needs are often what create feelings of isolation and cause conflict. Better conflict management skills means that your team will feel more empowered, respected and valued; therefore being able to spend less time in circular arguments and more time doing the work that’s important to them.

Empowered workers

Our communities are our past, present and future. When they are safe and thriving, they are stronger. We all bring with us a different story and so our work together is an ongoing conversation. The skills I encourage and support your team to develop are meant to be adaptable to your own unique goals and challenges.

My Services

Conflict Management Trainings

The trainings I offer are meant to provide skill building and strengthening for people who are working together or in various forms of relationships together. Teams can be comprised of co-workers, peers, collectives, movement organizers, support networks, etc.

One on One & Group Coaching

Conflict takes a toll: mental, physical, emotional, financial. Conflict can be stressful, but it can also be an important moment for growth and learning. Coaching is an opportunity to examine specific issues or patterns facing individuals or teams through guided and solution focused discussion.

Mediation Services

For teams who are in conflict that feels too big to negotiate and resolve on their own, I offer mediation services that use alternative dispute resolution practices in order to get you to negotiation and agreement. Mediation is a great alternative for people who do not wish to engage with or cannot afford pursuing legal action.


“Eddie will absolutely help you make progress on intractable problems”

“This training is officially the most comprehensive and collaboratively
designed training that I have ever commissioned, and the facilitation and activity rhythm stood out among the many I’ve participated in. Eddie will absolutely help you make progress on intractable problems and impart repertoire of new conflict de-escalation styles to your organization or group.

Wesley Petite, former President, CUPE 4600

“Eddie is approachable & knowledgeable”

Eddie is approachable & knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend their expertise in any group that has to work together.

Daniella Barreto, Jean Sauvé Fellow

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