Why should I invest in conflict management? Why is it important?

The strengths of our organizations and the work we do are only as strong as the teams behind them. Teams with low trust have lower morale and higher rates of conflict that is strong enough to cause high turnover or burn out. Groups with high trust and conflict management skills see conflict as an opportunity for learning and not as a failure or something to fear. Investing in the wellness of your team or your relationships is a investment in their well-being. It’s also an investment in a future with stronger more empowered communities.

Are trainings customized?

Yes. All trainings are created based on the goals and needs of the group. An intake process will provide me with the necessary information I need to create the itinerary I feel will best provide you with your desired outcomes.

Do your trainings offer a physical component for conflict de-escalation or crisis intervention?

No. Physical intervention such as restraining, disengaging, and self defense are not my area of expertise. My approaches focus on preventative and verbal techniques that are meant to minimize escalation and encourage resolution through proper listening, dialogue and self awareness. This does, however, include how to place oneself physically and how to engage with a hostile person safely.

How did you decide your rates?

My rates are based on two factors: First, to ensure fairness in both hiring and pay standards, my sliding scale rates are made to match many others working in similar professions. I do not wish to undercut my fellow community members and I prefer we get hired for our knowledge and not solely by our rates. The second factor is based on sustainability and what is needed to cover costs, which includes the cost of emotional labour and preparation of materials.

How do I know if I apply for lower sliding scale rates?

Contact me and give me some information about your situation, as well as your budget. We can talk from there. Please note that these rates are meant for groups or organizations with little to no funding, with priority going to those that face increased barriers and threat of violence or incarceration, such as indigenous and racialized communities; low income communities and those working in targeted economies.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. Cancellations or rescheduling must be made 24 hours prior to a training, mediation or coaching appointment, otherwise the full amount must be paid.

What accessibility accommodations do you offer?

I’m happy to do my very best to accommodate your team and their learning needs. This includes written and visual materials before or during our work together and various types of activities to facilitate various forms of learning styles, and physical and cognitive abilities. Translation or interpretation can be made available at an additional cost. If I am hosting public trainings then I always ensure they are in physically accessible spaces.

How do I book you?

Simply contact me and tell me a little about yourself and what your team is looking for.

I want a service of yours in French, what do I do?

I personally cannot offer services in French right now, other than translation or interpretation at an additional cost. If this doesn’t work for you, contact me and I can do my best to assist you with finding another facilitator, mediator or coach.