Conflict management trainings

The trainings I offer are meant to provide skill building and strengthening for people who are working together or in various forms of relationships together. Teams can be comprised of co-workers, peers, collectives, movement organizers, support networks, etc.

Conflict Prevention | Conflict Resolution and Management | Repair & Resolution

Conflict Prevention

Trainings that prepare you for handling conflict. Conflict is inevitable and I encourage people not to wait for it to arise before figuring out how they want to tackle it.

Conflict Prevention & Group Guidelines

Learn new skills and strengthen your communication practices. Create action plans and agreements so you can have concrete strategies for how to deal with tensions, dynamics, or conflicts when they arise.


The ways in which we communicate can greatly shape and change the outcome of a situation. Our ability to respond with empathy, curiosity and accountability can promote trust and prevent escalation.

Boundary Setting

Setting boundaries is hard for many, especially when we participate in meaningful work, and when we want to show up as our best at all times. Whether with your team in the workplace, with clients, or whoever you are in a relationship with, boundaries show commitment to care, self awareness, and prevent burnout and lack of follow through.

Group Dynamics

Every group will have dynamics show up in their work. Our behaviours are learned and shaped by many different factors, such as our race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and status, to name a few. Identify these dynamics so you can work to prevent harm and violence that can occur (such as workplace harassment, bullying, minimizing, and tokenizing) when these dynamics go unaddressed.

Conflict Resolution and Management

Trainings that will strengthen your team’s bonds and prepare you for potential conflict at any stage of of working together.

Conflict Management in the Workplace/Groups

When a team is in conflict it can halt our work, and while many try to push through, learn to move through instead. Rather than ignoring the issue or rushing to resolution, practice getting to the root, finding out how you can best support your teammates, and figure out solutions to prevent the same patterns from reoccurring.

Conflict Deescalation & Intervention

Improve your team’s ability to confidently de-escalate conflict and intervene with each other or with people you work with (co-workers or clients).

Trust Building

Improve trust between you and your team by exploring how trust builds and functions in relationships.

Repair & Resolution

For teams or people in relationships who are looking to rebuild and repair from a conflict. Please note these are not mediation sessions. These are trainings that are meant to be presented preferably before a conflict occurs or afterwards when parties are mutually interested in repair.

Conflict Resolution & Repair in the Workplace

Explore useful skills to employ when trying to work through workplace conflicts.

Relationship Repair After Conflict

How do we focus both on self and mutual repair after conflict with people we care about or have to share space with?

Repair After Severe Harm

Depending on the severity of harm done, repair can look different. Discuss and assess what kind of work might need to be done in order for repair to happen, and explore various possibilities.