Conflict takes a toll: mental, physical, emotional, financial. Conflict can be stressful, but it can also be an important moment for growth and learning. Examine specific issues through guided support, solution focused discussion and receive recommendations. These sessions are for groups or people in leadership positions who feel stuck, out of their element, or unsure how to proceed. Whether it is creating or auditing policy; handling disputes orĀ  navigating complaints: my sessions support movement and taking action. Facilitated discussion, assessments, visioning and action planning help create substantial changes for the future of the group.

Need support in any of these areas? I can help.

  • Navigating & responding to complaints
  • Creating policy (harassment, bullying, conflict)
  • Creating protocol (work safety, complaints, dispute)
  • Policy & protocol audits
  • Resolution mapping
  • Contact & communication
  • Visioning & strategy
  • Training & facilitation guides (retreats, trust building, conferences)
  • Holding space