Helping people work together towards creating a more hopeful future

Conflict Resolution and Management Services: Ottawa – Montreal

I provide conflict resolution and management services to community organizations and small businesses in Montreal, Ottawa, and surrounding areas. I assist those who are hopeful and see the need for a paradigm shift in the way we manage conflict in our communities. More and more people are beginning to see the limitations of our justice system, and they are craving the knowledge and confidence to be able to manage conflicts on their own. People want more empowering and transformational methods to do this because they understand the importance of keeping communities together and thriving.

Power to Transform

My work is dedicated to working with you to explore and create personal and social transformations. My methods are informed by my own lived experiences, formal education, and it is influenced by thinkers, change makers, teachers, elders, healers, and front line workers that are also dedicated to transformative and restorative justice models. These models are decentralized, and prioritize solution focused thinking, accountability, and raising silenced voices.

eddie sits on a stool smiling wearing a demin jacket and matching denim jeans.

Credit: Laurence Philomène

Eddie Jude Hareven provides Conflict Management Services to hopeful clients in a trustworthy environment with an empathetic voice. Helping them feel empowered.

Mediation Services and Communication Building

I am a facilitator, mediator and coach whose skill set lies in conflict management and communication strengthening through preventative and verbal approaches. I support people in working through conflict, fostering self awareness, developing healthier communication practices, and encouraging self empowerment through accessible, participatory, and non-judgemental engagement. After a decade of front line social service and community work, it’s become clear to me that without better communication and trust, there can be no long term impact. I now focus my time working with those who want to create stronger relationships, more sustainable work environments and a safer future.

Inner Work and Outward Change

My practice supports people in doing the inner work and learning necessary to see substantial changes in themselves and their teams, and let that be reflected back into their communities through the work that they do and knowledge they pass on. I believe that the larger changes we wish to create or manifest in this world begins with our own selves.

My Location

I am based in Montreal, Quebec, the traditional territory of the Kanien’kehá:ka Mohawk of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. First nations people continue to be leaders in transformative models of collective healing and conflict resolution and management. I look to their example with the utmost respect, and do my best as a settler to use the knowledge made available to me with respect and gratitude.

Focus and specialities:

  • Mediation services, using alternative dispute resolution to overcome conflict
  • Expanding understanding of group dynamics
  • Trust building
  • Boundary setting
  • Conflict management skill building
  • Conflict prevention strategies
  • Negotiation and resolution planning & mapping
  • Accountability and apology
  • Self awareness & emotional awareness
  • Expansion and improvement of communication skills
  • Understanding and ending workplace violence and harassment
  • Grievance and HR policy visioning, creation and evaluation
  • Workplace mediation