Healthier Communication Leads to Stronger Communities

Conflict Management Services

Conflict is an inevitable part of being in relationship or connection with others. While it can be stressful and sometimes frightening, it can also be transformational. If resisted it can become something that takes a great toll on our wellbeing, but approached with curiosity and a genuine desire to learn, it can be a great teacher. My trainings, coaching and mediation services are meant to support you or your team through a journey to better understanding one another’s bottom lines so that you can develop stronger relationships.

My Services

Conflict Management Trainings

The trainings I offer are meant to provide skill building and strengthening for people who are working together or in various forms of relationships together. Teams can be comprised of co-workers, peers, collectives, movement organizers, support networks, etc.

Consulting & Coaching

Conflict takes a toll: mental, physical, emotional, financial. Conflict can be stressful, and often times we aren’t sure what steps to take or how to take action. Receive guided support and recommendation that will provide movement and results.

Mediation Services

For teams who are in conflict that feels too big to negotiate and resolve on their own, I offer mediation services that use alternative dispute resolution practices in order to get you to negotiation and agreement. Mediation is a great alternative for people who do not wish to engage with or cannot afford pursuing legal action.