Mediation Services

For teams who are in conflict that feels too big to negotiate and resolve on their own, I offer mediation services that use alternative dispute resolution practices in order to get you to negotiation and agreement. Mediation is a great alternative for people who do not wish to engage with or cannot afford pursuing legal action. My approach is always non judgemental and informed by equity frameworks and practices. My approach to mediation is preventative and collaborative. Parties will be supported through resolution process that seek to uncover the root causes of the conflict in order to provide long lasting impact and lower chances of repeat occurrences.

Because of my fundamental and formal background, my approach differs from other mediators. Getting to resolution is often the sole goal of many mediations, but before you can reach reconciliation, it’s important to understand one another’s positions and acknowledge the pain or damage that has been caused. The process of mediation, to me, is a process of learning and understanding. Those who come to the table to negotiate must come with an openness to engage in self reflection, accountability, and a sincere desire to collaborate. I believe that when a mediation process takes this approach, people are more likely to feel satisfied with the outcome of their situation and the chance of repeats or relapses decrease.

Not sure if mediation is what you need? Read this blog post to help determine if mediation is the right choice for you.

Mediation Services

  • Community dispute resolution
  • Employee dispute resolution
  • Employer dispute resolution
  • Various workplace dispute resolution
  • Client dispute resolution