Get your tickets now for: Spooky Situations and Scary Conversations! A workshop on self accountability and communicating through conflict.

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Halloween is coming and with it all its scary costumes and fear based tropes.

But you know what is actually scary? Conflict. No costumes necessary. For some, there is truly nothing scarier! They’ll do anything to avoid it, ignore it, or make it go away.

However, do you know what’s even scarier? Not running away from conflict, but facing it and communicating our way through it whether we our ‘successful’ or not. This takes serious guts. The skills to get better at doing this are totally possible to learn. It just requires some practice and confidence building. Having tools in your tool belt to use when conflict or dispute arise, make everything significantly less scary, I promise.

But want to know what’ seven scarier than conflict, itself? Self accountability. Taking responsibility for our role in a situation. Not trying to deflect it or defend it. Knowing when we could have done it better and apologizing for pain or harm we caused. And even more than that, there’s standing in our integrity. That means knowing when we did our part to try and resolve a situation, and that there’s nothing more to do that’s our responsibility. It means knowing when to walk away from a situation knowing you tried your hardest to make it work. It is the ability to end a situation that is hurting you, and walking away from it with confidence instead of shame or guilt. And you’ll be an expert when you know how to tell the difference between when you’re wrong and when you need to walk away from bullshit.

Don’t stay cloaked in fear, come join my workshop on self accountability and communicating through conflict. In this workshop we’ll explore:

-why conflict is so darn scary and causes us to react in some truly spooky and mysterious ways.

-how to move past our fears and learn to better communicate our way through conflict.

-how to practice de-escalation, but also self accountability. Self accountability means that we know when and how to take responsibility for our own roles in a particular situation, but also how to maintain and live in our integrity.

-real life conflict examples and various contexts such as online, in teamwork settings, with our friends, partners, family, etc.

The workshop is halfway sold out already, so don’t sleep! Buy your tickets here.

Hope to see all you witches, wizards and gender diverse ghouls there!

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