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Did you just elect new Board or committee members? New management? Are you about to launch your summer programming? Have you just hired a bunch of new staff or volunteers? Or do you have an existing group that is seeking out ways to work better together?

I support community groups and organizations in creating stronger relationships and more sustainable work environments by offering trainings in conflict prevention, management and resolution. When our inner work environments are rife with conflict that isn’t being dealt with or that isn’t being dealt with in an intentional way, there come many negative impacts. Our group members burnout, they sabotage, or tensions rise so high that people full out leave our organizations. Service users and community members who access or rely on these services are often the ones who have to deal with the consequences of those realities (loss or reduction in services, high turnover of staff, witness to unhealthy group dynamics and more).

Conflict cannot be avoided but we can prepare for it by learning how to navigate it within ourselves and with others that we work or engage with. From acute conflict to ongoing ones that we must learn to endure, the skills provided at my trainings will leave your group with tools to use, and hopefully a new outlook on how we can make conflict more transformational and less detrimental to our groups or organizations.

My approach to conflict is that the skills we need to work through or resolve it are ones that should be prioritized. A lot of these are considered ‘soft skills’ but they’re actually essential, as pointed by Trevor Muir in his article, “Stop Calling Them Soft Skills; They’re Essential Skills”. Knowing how to communicate and how to collaborate are absolutely vital to group survival and more so than just survival, to be able to thrive! Additionally, Muir states that 92% of talent professionals and hiring managers say that soft skills are just as important, if not more important, than hard skills. You do not have to wait for something bad to happen or for conflict to arise to start prioritizing honing in and practicing these skills. With them comes more presence, ability to learn and ability to be generous.

Book a conflict prevention, management or resolution training this summer! Is summer your slow season with reduced staff or hours of operation? Then book for the Fall when things start up again.

My Conflict trainings support groups who work together in becoming better equipped to deal with conflict when it arises and to work through existing conflict. Trainings cover topics and techniques such as:

-preventative and verbal de-escalation

-escalation minimizing language and behaviour (listening and communicating)

-what we can learn from conflict and what can it teach us

-group dynamics

-difficult conversations

-self awareness

-emotional literacy

-self reflection

-apologizing and conciliatory gestures



-group collaboration

-boundary setting

-impulse control


-building or restoring trust and safety

-conflict and mental health

-conflict and trauma

And so much more.

Contact me and you will receive a free intake (30-45 minutes) to discuss your group’s struggles, goals, learning objectives, etc. Multiple group members are encouraged to be on the call to get the widest perspective!

Still not convinced? Here is the what the President of Carletons’ CUPE 4600 had to say about a training done for their members:

“As a union local representing Teaching-Assistants and Contract Instructors at CarletonUniversity, CUPE 4600 seeks to engage in continuous learning about how to organize around social justice goals and anti-oppressive conduct. As president of CUPE 4600, I am always looking for ways to bring learning opportunities to our Executive Council, rank and file members, and ally groups.

Upon learning about Eddie Jude Haven’s conflict de-escalation workshop, I contacted them and was responded to with a welcoming and informative voice that explained a range of tailored options. Eddie identified our organization’s past experience and current needs in conflict resolution by conducting a couple intake interviews by phone. After explaining our needs, Eddie put together a workshop that fit our desired duration and available budget. CUPE4600 engages in various forms of conflict, in grievances with the employer, as leaders in the classroom, and between members as we organize for collective action. Eddie’s workshop was useful in developing understandings of how to approach each of these conflicts with purpose and self-awareness.

Eddie is a confident, clear, and creative facilitator who clearly puts a lot of thought into the learning outcomes and emotional experience of the workshop. Dedicated to continuously improving their approach, Eddie conducted exit surveys and a debrief interview over the phone with me. This workshop is officially the most comprehensive and collaboratively designed workshop that I have ever commissioned, and the workshop facilitation and activity rhythm stood out among the many I’ve participated in. I could not resist taking the time to write this positive review in a way that imparts the many unique and customized aspects of the service Eddie provides. They will absolutely help you make progress on intractable problems and impart of repertoire of new conflict de-escalation styles to your organization or group.”

Get in touch and let’s discuss what service is best for you and your community group, organization or non profit!

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