Conflict Coaching: what it is and what to use it for

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“What can I use your conflict coaching for”?

This is a question I’ve gotten a lot lately, so I thought I’d take the time to provide a response.

Coaching is a huge buzz word, but I use it as a synonym for consulting, and essentially it just means that someone with an area of experience supports you/mentors you in a one on one setting. Coaching is meant to be done on a smaller and more private scale, tailored to your needs and goals. All sessions are confidential.

Here are the most common reasons people come to me for conflict coaching:

Navigating Conflict

This is the biggest one by far. People find themselves in a difficult situation and are not sure how to respond or proceed. They come to me to discuss the situation and we strategize how move forward.

Resolution and Accountability Strategy

People who are mediating, facilitating or participating in some form of resolution process (community accountability, a circle, TJ process, mediation, etc) come to me for guidance and strategizing. This can look like strategizing the overall process or a particular hiccup that is causing stress or confusion. It can also look like reviewing materials for feedback or drafting material and mapping plans together.

Person/Professional Development

For those who want to improve their own skills in conflict management, prevention, de-escalation and resolution, in their own time. Perhaps you are a person who works a job that requires these skills and you don’t feel fully equipped. Perhaps you’ve noticed patterns in your relationships that you want to change regarding how you respond to conflict. The sessions are personalized to what you want to learn.

Visioning and Strategy

This is usually for groups, teams, collectives, etc who want to create shared visions and protocols for how they will deal with and manage conflict. Sometimes the they’re newly formed, but other times they are for those who are shifting/changing direction ,and trying to make overall improvements for group functioning.


For the creation or auditing of collective, workplace or organizational policy, particularly regarding workplace harassment, bullying and conflict resolution.

Sound like something you need?

These are the primary reasons people come to me for coaching and consultation! If you think this sounds like something you need or want, you’re welcome to get in touch for a free no pressure intake. Coaching sessions are great because they move at your pace and you can do as many or as little as you’d like. My approach is compassionate and non judgemental, but also honest and direct. My rates are sliding scale and low-no cost for Black and First Nations people depending on the situation.

Book a consultation!

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